And we danced, Together

The night peeped through its blankets, perhaps a little shy

It was a clear cloudless moonlit starlit sky

For a mile or more there was no one in sight

And we danced, and danced…. All through the night

I can still hear the music playing so softly

I can still remember the way you lead me ever so gently

I can still smell the warm summer air

I can still remember the way we danced without a care

You did not need to hear me speak

Some how there remained a vow of silence that we dint break

We did not have to know each other

To dance the way we did together

There existed neither an yesterday nor a day in the future

There existed not this world or this furore

There existed the music, and us

There existed that second, that minute, and our dance

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14 Responses to “And we danced, Together”

  1. Raghu says:

    Anu the poet continues to floor me…
    made me think of us listening to khoya khoya chand… thirakte behekte nikal jaayen dum
    mar jayen marke bhi jee jayen hum :)

  2. Anu says:

    Ha first to comment as you promised! :-)

    Thanks once again for the generous shower of praise. it means a lot from from someone with your literary calibre :-)

    For once i guess my poem rhymed. The best part of it was it jus did by itself, i din have to think or find words for it.

    Keeping our end of the bargain, you definitely deserve an “anu” original art piece (btw there seem to be no other takers for my art :P)

  3. Aj says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooow!!! As good as it gets…Singing, dancing, writing, poetry….wat else!!! Have u tried acting ?? :) Wonderful Anu…Good one…By the way who is ‘that’ person ?? :)

  4. Anu says:

    thx, thx n thx a million times Ajay 😀

    Acting!!! hmmmm interesting… may be I should. wat say? Wonder who will make me a heroine though 😛

    Lets keep “That” person a secret for now (For the sake of suspense 😉 )

  5. Jerome says:

    That was a real nice poem. The flow is beautifully scripted. Wonder what/who inspired you to write this? 😉

  6. Kavita says:

    Hi Anu, the poem is beautiful!!! As Rags says it reminded me of the song too….

    And your site is so nice…that i as soon as i get to office….i make it a point to check your site!!!

  7. Anu says:

    Thanks. That wud be a secret for now 😉

    Thx a lot! glad you like the layout of the site. Im trying my best to categorize my work and make it easily navigable. Do keep visiting. Working on a post currently. will be out soon :-)

  8. Vijay says:

    Hey poet radha!! :-)

    What do these lines mean?
    “We did not have to know each other
    To dance the way we did together”

  9. Anu says:

    well normally to dance with someone effortlessly, you will have to have known that person, to be comfortable and know how to tread your steps. With strangers its normally awkward coz you dont know each other’s way of dancing yet

    but in this poem im talking about a stranger whom i din know and yet it did not matter for us, to dance the way we did, in harmony.

  10. Vijay says:

    oh!! ok….

    Because every other line appeared to be between two well known persons..

  11. Anu says:

    hmmm interesting to notice how a poem changes in meaning based on the perspective of a reader. Although i had meant to write it as a dance between 2 strangers somehow it seems like they know each other. Wonder how i managed that :-) :-) Thanks for the feedback :-)

  12. nivi says:

    I loved the last paragraph. Whatever happened to living in the moment right? Great poem and loved the picture.

  13. Adithya says:

    OK let me go in sequence so that i dont miss anything:
    1. Loved the pic – beautiful – kinda goes with the night theme – where we cant see them but just the glimpse of the outline of the dancers – brilliant

    2. Loved the line – ‘night peeped through it blankets perhaps a little shy’.. you continue to amaze me.. maan it may seem simple to you but trust me ask guys like us and we will thnk for 2 days and would come up with something not even half as good :)

    3. I am reminded of the tamil words ‘ mounam pesiyathe ‘ :).. yeah you kinda brought te whole thing out in dance and maan this goes so much with my whole theme of life – Live for today – this second this minute is all that matters – tomorrow? who cares :)

    To sumup loved the way you narrated it in simple fashion and yet so beautiful. Everytime i think i should write a poem, i see your poem and then give up.. anyways kudos.. would love to see poems.. my all time favorite :)

  14. CM-Chap says:

    Lovely… My fav line is last one….

    There existed that second, that minute, and our dance

    Special kudos for that one. Just the moment :)

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