Mirror, Mirror on the wall! are we still human at all?

“And reporting from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this is Hermione… no no Ginny Weasley”… oh how she could never make up her mind when it came to these two characters!! Neeta had been a news devouring little angel from the day she knew how to switch on the television. To her dad she was “Little miss Barkha Dutt” in the making, while her mom thought the only experience every journalist went through was to stand at the border lines and face an array of bullets.

The pager beeped at 2.00 in the morning and somehow it was not very unusual for her. She was used to emergency calls since there were times when news coverage had to be done as early as 4 a.m under extreme weather conditions in places which we thought only existed in maps. But she loved the fact that she was the first person to present that news to the whole world… She was still as excited as the five year old Neeta would be when she was going live on television.

She had to make a call. “Rahul, get the equipments ready… earthquake, at Jabalpur… We have to take a flight to Bhopal and catch a connecting flight to Jabalpur which is available only at 5.30 a.m on any given day. It is difficult to reach there via any other means of transport given this situation and time constraints. We have to leave now!”

It took them approximately 5 hours to reach the actual point of damage… Neeta had witnessed her share of mass killing, riots, disasters and even encounters but this by far seemed the worst. The place was in a state of pandemonium… Buildings had shattered, people were homeless, some were plundering money and jewellery from the people who were already dead among the buried mass of bricks, while some were still breathing beneath all the gravel and awaiting help.

“Well atleast we reached here before the rival news network did”, remarked Rahul. She turned around weakly and gave a nod. She was positioning her camera as they had to capture and report the news live with all the extra ounce of packaging material, before the other news network arrived.

And then she saw a small girl covered with multiple bruises crying and looking around helplessly, as if trying to find someone she could recognize among the all the chaos that surrounded her. As Neeta tried to take the child to a safe place and dress those wounds, Rahul cried out “Are you crazy? What are you doing? We are supposed to relay this live, NOW! The other news network is on their way… you are going to get both of us lose our jobs”

“But the child is hurt, she has been badly bruised, she has been searching for her family all through the night, she needs help now. We have got to find someone who can take care of her”, pleaded Neeta.

“Chauffeuring kids is not part of my job description but if it matters to you that much, we can always take care of that girl after we have done the required coverage and relayed this news-clip….” said Rahul in such an indifferent tone that it shocked her. A guy who had been her colleague, her friend, her confidant over the past 5 years and now her fiancé, was talking like this. It felt as if she had never known him before and the thought scared her.

May be it was not just about him, may be that’s what the world has come to…. she was surrounded so completely by misery, plunder and the scene of people chopping off a dead woman’s hand to rob her ornaments that she was disgusted by the utter disregard to a fellow being’s life and the cynical behaviour of human nature…

Is it worth calling oneself “Human” anymore? she pondered…

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27 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the wall! are we still human at all?”

  1. Prakash says:


    Happy new year. The first blog of this year is very heavy!!! When I started reading and I went deep into it and at one moment, I felt I am there in that place.. Feeling sad and ashamed sumtyms on cingn such inhuman ppl… c u soon in ur nxt blog..



    Hmmm… This has gotta be the first really negative/cynical post of yours! And actually I really liked it.

    Life isnt always rosy and neither are people…and it’s scary sometimes just how awful people can be. I’m glad you didnt shy away from writing about it.

  3. chandru says:

    Hi,Anu your Blog on Mirror,Mirror onthe Wall! are we still human at all. It was fantastic and you have nicely brought out the horrors of such human tragedies,which happens during natural calamities and war times. But the human emotions and values portrayed by you is beyond discription and it is through provoking. I hope the world should change to some extent towardes becoming Humans insead of devoid of humanism, which we do not find even in Animals.

    Keep it up with more such wonderful blogs.


  4. chandru says:

    hi Anu

    Wonderful blog on a sunday morning with my cup of coffee.
    This will make everyone think on human behaviour. Man has to transform himself. Howmuch ever, Gods come into this earth in human form, man has to change to himself and he should have the will to do so.

    Waiting to you see your next blog!!


  5. Nivi says:

    hey dude
    as cynical as it might be the saddest part is, its true in some cases…
    Well i guess we need to go beyond these trivialities and look at the bigger picture, the human picture.
    Only solace is the human side still does exist in bits and pieces trying to find a way to reinvent itself. THe way varanasi got back its pieces together i would say is a stark example.

  6. Anu says:

    thx a lot!glad u found it deep.

    yeah i guess u r right! life is not always rosy…. to tell u the truth, i started writing with somethin in mind but it evolved into the story that you have jus read…. sometimes i really wonder how we type the things that we type

    @mom n dad
    yes there is hope!! hope is somethin that we have believed in almost forever…. let us c what the world takes a turn for

    “Only solace is the human side still does exist in bits and pieces trying to find a way to reinvent itself”-awesome thought… and as i said before “Hope” still exists somewhere…

  7. BKa says:

    Hey anu great post…
    “Is it worth calling oneself “Human” anymore? “
    Very true… When we had floods two yrs back in chennnai n many of us had to leave our homes temporarily, there were many thefts reported. But more than these people, its ppl like this character “Rahul” who are definitely not Human anymore !!!

  8. Aj says:

    Humans??? They exist only in dictionaries and the time is not far off when we can find them in museums too with a description..”This is how what a human looks like” Time is not far when the word Human will be replaced with ‘Who man’. Its wat the world has come to..

  9. Anu says:

    @bka and ajay
    very true guys…

    but there is one thing that would to affirm, though i have painted a tainted picture of life and that i do realize life is not always rosy, i do believe that good exists jus beside bad…Rahul and Neeta existed side by side… each in stark contrast to another!!!

  10. BKa says:

    True An I totally agree wit u !! hey An, AJ ingayum full mokkai form la irukkan wit his “who man” :-))

  11. Anu says:

    yeah very true!!! “Who man” marana mokkai… but a good one though

  12. CM-Chap says:

    Beautifully potrayed the relaity of today. I recollect a picture from Somalia on readg this post. (I guess most of us would hv seen that pic… An eagle waitg for the child to die)

  13. Anu says:

    yes i have seen that pic… really really sad. Human existence has lost its meaning in the jumbled mass of moral corruption. hopefully revival is somewhere around the corner…

  14. CM-Chap says:

    Ho yah hope is life… Lets hope for that change and also try our bit for the change.

    Hey also I hv updated my blog…

  15. Karthik Balasubramanian says:

    No.. its not worth calling ourself human anymore.. is that a direct answer to your question??

    we should not forget that though we enjoy some superiority over the other living organisms in the world, we are basically part of the same living world and our emotions and reactions are bound to be selfish to a great extent. Humans are the most selfish of the animal kingdom and that is why we have evolved so much…

  16. adithya says:

    Hey got to say the title is just perfect… and really well thought of.. Hats off to that. Loved the way you intro-ed Neeta I mean starting off with Harry Potter and then slow shift to Journalism beautiful.. you are mastering the art of writing… do realize there is no degree beyong Ph.D :)

    And that sentence about “… done as early as 4 a.m under extreme weather conditions in places which we thought only existed in maps” was really well put.. I mean in just sums up the whole experience the journalists go through in a very crisp statement. The hurry they are always in… its always like you put it an emergency… the urgent call the hurry.. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

  17. adithya says:

    The contrast of feeling between Rahul and Neeta was really REALLY REALLY well brought out.. when Rahul is excited about reaching so as to add a star to his Job whereas she experiences a totally different feeling towards the place and the little girl etc.… really admire the way that was brought out to exemplify the very title of your blog..whats sad is the fact that even as this happens there are still humans who are looking for money and Jewellery to steal and worst of all cutting their hands.. its definitely a question to all os us are we humans… or are we some living being doing things in our “ Job description”..

    A story of another class, a different genre altogether… got to say this does easily qualify as my favourite… All salutes to you

  18. Anu says:

    yes may be we are… we look for self survival more than surviving as a group…. and i guess evolution has only reaffirmed this theory by creating more and more partitions and boundaries among fellow human beings

    thx a million trillion tonnes dude… i love the way you have actually analysed my thought process involved in writing this post. sometimes u just don realize wat u write until you have finished writing it. this was one of those kinda posts….

    And im really glad u liked it.. i was a little worried abt the reaction i would get for this one due to the cynicism involved in the idea… but i jus had to pen it. it was partly inspired by my stint at CNN :-)

    P.S: cudnt name the guy SID coz i know for sure Sid would never do what Rahul did!! :-)

  19. navien says:

    Hey nice blog!!! well humans r nevertheless to say creatures clingin on to d sixth sense in a hook..in some incidents as u had given, dey tend to be bipeds n ravenous even in emergency situations actin like pills.But u no it may just b a case in may be far-flung poverty-driven limbo..on d most part dun think ppl r so inhumane atleast on crisis.neways well brought out..

    srry anu fr so delayed comments:( suddenly came here like a jack-in-d-box.:) good goin!!!

  20. Anu says:

    hey thx for the comments!! even if it was late, its ok… im jus glad u read it…

    u r right in a way when u say human tendency seeps in most when there is a crisis… but i feel it has the ability to go to the other extreme too in case of a crisis

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