The Diverged Roads

This Story was published in “Chicken soup for the Indian Teenage soul”. :-)

is this abstract?

is this concrete?

is this a story?

is this just a musing?

I leave that for you to decide… i jus pen down what haunts me the most

The Diverged Roads

P.S: The quote “You know its…” is by Julia Roberts

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25 Responses to “The Diverged Roads”

  1. CM-Chap says:

    An… I guess u hv decided to run thru moments of my (or all our??)life.

    Yup that’s hw it was… very touching. Reminded me of some of my frnds.

    I’m sure u took inspiration frm ur own life… Let me know.

  2. Anu says:

    sometimes in life we wonder why the person facing us stands like a rock. You wonder if they feel anythin….

    i wanted to portray the the ramblings going on in such a person’s head.

  3. Akilan says:

    hey… u r absolutely right.. i have just stood the same way to my friends.. hopefully they understood..

    u r very interesting anu.. u r a good mind reader i guess..

    ur writings make me feel good..

  4. Anu says:


    Im glad my writings have provided an insight into a person’s thoughts and feelings

    glad you could connect to it!! :-)

  5. Nivi says:

    why is there this need to understand someone? its like u said, its implicit. When u know someone, u know them, u dont need to try to unravel them.

    I loved the way u had written this post. Its amazing you could portray so much depth in one page!!!

    what bothers me is this feeling that why do we think that when we do something selfless, its much greater than doing something out of which we derive pleasure.I am referring to the quote. Y cant love be me wanting to be happy with that person!!!

  6. Anu says:


    yes you right in your own judgement. love can also mean being happy with that person. It is a very normal scenario and a happy one too. but to love someone inspite of the fact that you can never be a part of their life is something very few are capable of….

    no one really understands people who dont express anything only because they don want to hurt the person they are facing…

    if only we could read their thoughts, there will be a lots to unravel and think about

    what makes us happy truly depends on how we percieve things… no one can judge us as to whether the things that make us happy are selfish or selfless

  7. chandru says:

    hai anu,
    It was a wonderful blog, very deep one. We are amazed at the way you have expressed the entire emotions when one falls in love.
    just in page.”The Diverged Roads’ was different from other Blogs.
    this is exactly what is happening in this fast technnogically changing world around us. Nice depiction of feelings.
    keep it up.

  8. Anu says:


    glad u liked it!! :-)


    I’ve always thought those who restrain from expressing ‘everything’ they are feeling, especially if its for some greater good are very strong! And you’ve depicted the thoughts in such a person’s mind very well!

    But, in such situations, I can’t help wondering if you might miss out on some great relationship because you kept quiet…who knows what’s going on in the other person’s head? Two people keeping quiet to protect the other may actually end up hurting each other!

  10. Anu says:

    yes, communication is very important in any relationship… but in the situation portrayed here, she doesnt wanna break him into not pursuing his dreams

    If she said “dont go” he wouldn’t… and thats exactly what she doesn’t want.

    i don judge either of the characters for what they have and have not expressed… i have just showcased the turmoil that goes on in both their thoughts. and this is somethin that happens in most of our lives… we always wonder why the other person did not say a word

  11. ajaygroups says:

    Hey anu … dunno whether u wrote this blog keeping any particular person or incident in mind… Its written very well.. We all come across this scenario so many times with friends and loved ones. U hav not mentioned as to wat is it that the guy is trying to pursue

  12. Anu says:


    let me provide a universal clarification here. i don write my blogs from any personal experience or keeping anyone in mind.

    My thoughts are influenced by external stimulations and insight into various characters i find around me. but the stories are woven purely based on my imagination.

    this work was not intended to showcase facts of a story, it was written to portray ONLY the turmoil going on in the guy and the girls mind at the brink of a relationship….

    It is jus like one SCENE in the life of a person when a loved one leaves never to return but she cannot say “dont go”. I have only tried to depict what they both feel. I do hope i have been able to achieve that

  13. sirpy says:

    It was as cm-chap said, very touching.. The selflessness of it all.. sacrifice.. Very well written..

    And nivi, you can never understand anyone fully.. Not even yourself.. It is the need to understand that results in any emotion being generated or transferred. :)

  14. Anu says:

    thx dude…glad u liked it.

    yes it is in a way very true. We can never understand another person completely… which is why there exists a word called “trust”. even if we dont understand a person we believe in them. We believe that they will be there when we need them….

  15. navien says:

    Gud one..True it is in certain circumstances love has to be encompassed. here it is embarkin on an opportunity or a dream tat s etched on one’s mind throughout.

  16. Anu says:


    glad u found time :-)

    yes i totally subscribe to what u have said… sometimes we jus have to go in search in of things and cannot turn back even to say a goodbye

  17. BKa says:

    Hey Anu sooper post !! Very touching… definitely 1 of ur best !

  18. Confessions of a Born Procrastinator says:

    ur freakin me out completely now…

    Learned wat it was like to face ‘the stone’ a few days bk… And the words in ur story, perfectly described wat i already knew of her. Sometimes you kno a person too well.

    Question is, doesnt this person realize that you know him/her only too well? If two people were so close, how effective can such a camouflage be?

  19. adithya says:

    Dude where do u come up with such amazing topic… I mean each story is quite different and still really splendid. This will be one of my picks.. well lets just say I love it when u use the characted sid in the first place :).. his desperation that he could get her to say anything.. his desperation to hear her thoughts.. his deperation to make her talk and the way you portrayed these emotions by talking about the way the cold wind hit his muffled face like a knife.. BEAUTIFUL … and I totally agree with the fact about roads diverging… yeah buddy.. it does… it really really does and the funny part is ( like u said ) its nobody’s fault and it just happens… without a nudge without a pinch.. some call it fate some call it drive.. but however you label it.. ROADS DIVERGE.. the funny part is people walk on the diverged road hoping that it would meet up some day… but what is the probability of that happening

    DUDE… you brought out all the simple things in such an awesojmely simple way.. that’s quite tough you know.. I mean te instance of her hitting the bully.. him writing her notes… small things … but it brought out the intended effect yaar.. and I am in total regard of this lady character you were portraying.. her resistance to cry so that he wouldn’t react on that etc was just amazing… the following sentence got me floored..

    “You know its love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.” …. However my question is… who can follow this true love… it’s a good way to put most people love to test..

    Loved this great treat of a story…. Please please publish a book immediately.

  20. Anu says:

    thx da… glad u liked it

    very true… that could happen too. but very rarely do people understand each other perfectly… sometime i wish we could read others minds but then thats a scary thought too!

    First of all a million zillion thanks for having read my blogs inspite of such a hectic schedule…

    i had kinda decided that im not gonna pen another blog until i get your comments esp for this story and as usual u have understood ‘sid’ better than anyone ever did.

    “the funny part is people walk on the diverged road hoping that it would meet up some day… but what is the probability of that happening”…. what a thought man!!! hats off to you… so deep and yet so true. it has given me a new dimension for the way i percieve relationships.

    All those small incidents were inspired from my own school life :-)… but not exactly mine(you know what i mean)

    “You know its love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.”– My answer to your question is “YES” it is possible…U can never plan it, IT JUST HAPPENS…

    However it need not always be the case. love can also mean living and being happy with that person forever but what i have tried to portray here is the strength of these characters and the irony of the situation.

  21. Anu says:


    here i quote a sentence written by you”He often heard people say the sign of true love is to be able to see the person u love in a happy state even if u r not the reason…” I know the sid portrayed in your post was cynical about this very sentence but i kinda find an undercurrent of similarities between the two characters…

  22. adithya says:

    Hey chill on the thanks for reading your blog.. trust me I cant do without it :) hectic schedule or no hectic schedule… And whoaaaaa!! Not penning till I comment that’s really flattering dude thank you :).. but do remember that there are other fans beside me eh they might be waiting pretty badly for your posts… anyways one thing for sure… My comments aint gonna take this long next time :).. And as for Sid.. well lets just say the name in itself makes me totally understand him as much as possible .. Yeah dude I totally understand what you mean by the “inspired from school life” thingy.. and as for the diverged.. totally glad that even I could give a new dimension to a great author cum poet.
    And as for seeing that person happy.. I agree that one should be happy to see him/her happy… but how feasible is it??.. well I guess that question can have quite a bit of answers huh… :-).. totally agree on the undercurrent thingy between the two sids.. TOTALLY :)

  23. Sesh says:

    Hey Anu,

    It was so lovely.. the thought dat u wanted to convey, thru d cute little incidents mentioned thru d 2characters,,was very true n ppl wud ve faced in their lives at some point of life..

    konjam heart heavya feel aana maadhiri irukku :)

  24. Anu says:


    thx da. glad u liked it. konjam sentiathaan irukku but the words jus poured out and i cudnt help it…

  25. angie says:

    beautifully written and painfully felt.

    her love.. what does it give her.
    he is happy and that makes her happy.he is no longer to be with her and thats pain.
    yet that which initiates her to do what she did, that which makes the decision deep within,his happiness over that selfish side of happiness in all of us, true… thats love.

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