A Stranger’s footsteps echoed through my ears
I could hear a voice amidst all the commotion
How familiar it all seems?
How strangely familiar a stranger feels….

“Am I doing the right thing?” she asked herself a hundred times. She had known him barely more than a month, he had asked and she had said “yes”. Is that even an appropriate amount of time to know someone? Everything happened so fast that she herself did not have the time to think it through. Her parents were more than delighted that she had finally emerged out of her shadows and embraced the future. Activities were going on all around her in full swing. She was going to get married tomorrow.

It was considered unlucky for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony but he just couldn’t wait. “You are not supposed to come to the bride’s room stupid!” she mocked at him. He just leaned on the life size dresser standing before her, smiled and said “Had to see your nervous face and catch you on your most paranoid moment”. She wanted to ask how she looked but before she could, he chirped in saying “You look like an angel”. “Are these real gold by the way?” he added playfully pointing at her heavily embellished earings.

“Now get out of my room so that we can get married”, she said almost going to hit him as he dodged her.

They had met at another wedding. A cousin of his and a distant friend of her’s had invited both of them to witness the joyous occasion. They had spoken for about an hour regarding politics, a world without boundaries, the existence of God and the authenticity of big bang theory. They had exchanged numbers and forgotten about it for almost 3 months. One day she got a call from this guy asking if she wanted to visit the planetarium and she did.

Two weeks later they were playing antakshari a t a dinner party, at the end of which everyone was pretty tired, some were even plain high and it just boiled down to singing their favourite songs. He was sitting right next to her when he sang “kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai, ke jaise tujkho banaya gaya hai mere liye”. His voice quivering and definitely not trained to sing even the basic sa ri ga ma pa da ni sa but still somehow stuck a chord. A month later, he popped the question and she said yes. Somehow she was still nervous. Was it love at first sight? But she never believed in that concept…. She knew that wasn’t the case.

They just had their first baby daughter. She wanted to name her disha, he wanted sunaina… finally they reached a common consensus and called her diya. She had put her 3 month old to sleep and was just looking at herself in the mirror of her dresser. “you look like an angel” came the answer. “Shut up! Sometimes I think that’s the only reason you married me”, she quipped.

“I did not need a reason.” He said and added , “I do wonder however what made you say yes”.

“It felt strangely familiar. We were strangers but it felt as if I had known you all through my life.”

He leaned on to the dresser, looked at her and said “I felt the same”

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